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Soap Bubbles


For a shower you can pay with credit card at the selfpay kiosk in front of the main building. $8

Monthly subscriptions start on September 3rd 2022
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Shower subscription services rules (READ THIS CAREFULLY) - terms and conditions

  • There can be a delay of 1 full week from the moment you pay until you get your access code, so better book way ahead.

  • You can also purchase a single shower pass for 8$ at the machine.

  • Every code is individual and cannot be shared with somebody else.

  • Do not let anybody else enter the premises.

  • This is the price for one single person, every other person needs to fill out a separate form and pay separately

  • The Lock records the usage and multiple camera's film access history.

  • In case of any misuse, you will be fined 250$ and banned for future usage.

  • Kids over 10 years pay full price - Kids under 10 are free when showering with their parents.

  • In case the volume of wastewater produced by this service surpasses our septic capacities we will limit and end subscriptions on last come first gone base and reimburse the subscription price for the unusable time


Service starts on September 3rd 2022 and has to end on May 3rd 2023
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